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Paula did a great job representing me during the mediation of my divorce. She was confident, decisive, and always knew what exactly what she was doing. Honestly, it felt like she was more in my corner than I was at times. I would definitely recommend hiring her to anyone. – Joe

Donna Hung and her entire team could not have taken better care of me through my divorce. You will not find a better firm to represent you and your interests in Orlando. I could not be more grateful that I chose Donna to represent me during one of the toughest times in my life. I highly recommend Donna and her team!! You will not be disappointed. – Peter

After a year and 1/2 of a very difficult battle that was going to be hard to prove, Attorney Morrell set a new precedence for people needing a substantial change that suffer from mental illness. The Donna Hung Law Group are not the cheapest by any means, but we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Leandra

I am extremely pleased with the representation, counsel, and service I received from Donna Hung and her staff. She and her team are the ultimate professionals. Throughout the process, Donna and her team consistently kept me informed of the status of my case and were prompt and thorough in responding to any of my questions. I felt very comfortable with Ms. Hung from the moment I met her and appreciated her compassion and concern during this very difficult time in my life.Monica

This is my second time hiring Paula as my attorney; once for divorce, and second for relocation with children. I have been very satisfied both times and received my recent relocation after a very difficult relocation trial! I worked closely with Paula and Monica throughout my entire case and they are very attentive, proactive, and thorough! They were always there to answer any of my questions or concerns and I am so thankful for all of their help! I would highly recommend Paula to anyone looking for an amazing attorney to represent them!Leslie

Donna did exactly what I hoped for. My divorce process had lots of potential to become very messy but incredibly she was able to help me set up a fair proposal for an uncontested divorce. She was compassionate and caring and with a lot of patience we were able to obtain what we wanted. Long story short, both my ex wife and I ended up in good terms, we are still “friends” and I do believe Donna played a huge part in this. She definitively went beyond to make things happen. Already recommended some friends to her and they are pleased. Thank you Donna!!TQ

Paula helped me resolve an issue I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and caring. She never made me feel like I was bothering her when I had a question or concern. Anyone would be lucky to have her representing you! She is my hero!!Johnie

I am grateful to have had Miss Hung and her wonderful team on my side for 2 cases now. I was led through the process with open, honest dialogue and was always in-the-know about how my cases were proceeding. In my latest shared custody case, which spanned over a year, Miss Hung and her team (Monica, you’re amazing!) never once relented on the task of getting a positive outcome. This is the ONLY office you need for your family law case! Thank you!.Jeremy

Donna is absolutely amazing! My divorce became very messy and she handled it and my ex-husband’s lawyer like a pro! They would forget to submit things and even canceled the hearing without telling us but she stuck with me at the courthouse and had everything we could need to finalize my divorce that day. She was professional at every turn and advised me on how to best proceed from difficult situation to difficult situation. I’m so glad I hired Donna to be my divorce lawyer!Alex

Paula was my Attorney on my divorce and child custody four years ago. When I need a modification I did not hesitate to hired her again. Paula and her staff are always available, She’s always done a great job presenting all the possible alternatives with professionalism. I always felt that Paula was looking up for my Child best interest. Great Lawyer and Person!!!Jonathan

Donna Hung was kind, caring and professional from the consultation all the way up to the pretrial conference. She saw my case, learned what she needed to know about me and fought for me with the utmost confidence all while doing her best to help me to stay calm and collective throughout the process. In the end, all charges against me were dropped due to the amount of effort and how closely she paid attention to the details of my case. She didn’t settle for a plea or anything and she fought until the very end, tooth and nail to ensure my case never even went to trial. From my experience, I’ve learned there is absolutely no doubt that hiring her as an attorney will be a great experience regardless of the outcome because at least you know for sure you have a lawyer by your side who will push the envelope for results and won’t quit! I’ve always had my doubts about hiring lawyers in the first place, yet meeting with Donna completely changed my mind about that especially via the amount of confidence she displayed when taking my case, just consult with her for yourself and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. I had been charged with a DV crime I did not commit and it felt as though the world instantly turned against me no matter how much proof there was of my innocence or how my background showed I didn’t partake in violence, all of this starting from a 911 call over a misunderstanding (not from my wife) and my declination of an officer searching my vehicle. I felt as though my life and career would be over! Donna didn’t allow that; she made sure justice was delivered swiftly and effectively and her past experience provided her the ability to protect my freedom, household and image with ease and finesse. I could not be more thankful for her representation of me and I seriously doubt any other lawyer could’ve done a better job in this particular lane law practice.T.D.

Wonderful office, with an amazing staff! Donna Hung is truly a pleasure to work with. It’s a great feeling when you find great representation from someone who treats their clients like family! I’d definitely recommend this law group to my friends and family!Urooj

To say that Paula Morrell and Donna Hung are compassionate and professional would be an understatement. The circumstances in which I met them were unfortunate (as are most of their clients I’m sure). The last thing I would have expected or wanted was to get a divorce. However, I’m sure like a lot of people sometimes you don’t get to choose your fate, **it just happens, I was scared, depressed and did not know how to put one foot in front of the other to pick up the pieces I was left in.
From the moment I walked into my first consultation I felt a sense of comfort and relief. Paula was compassionate to my unbearable situation and at the same time gave me realistic expectations from our first meeting. She was honest and explained every detail of the process to me so I would know what to expect every step of the way. Any question I had she was quick to respond. Paula and her staff are top notch professionals and it reflects in their work as well as their reputation in this community.
I would highly recommend her to friends, colleges or anyone who has to endure this awful process. Don’t let your spouse (or their attorney for that matter) bully you out of what you are entitled to. If I can reach one scared person who is starting this journey, do yourself a huge favor and call Paula Morrell!

Donna is hands down the best family attorney there is. I was going through a very difficult time when my daughter’s mother left the residence and refused to allow me to see our daughter. She was limiting contact and was trying to relocate. I had a different attorney at the time and my case wasn’t getting the attention needed due the time sensitivity of my case. I wasn’t even able to speak to my previous attorney and was getting the run around. I made the difficult decision of switching attorneys in the middle of my case and it was the best decision I made. Donna was very understanding and compassionate. She is very realistic and straight forward and does not give you false expectations. She personally answered every single email well under 24 hours. She pays very close attention to detail and works very diligently on your case, as well as every member of her staff, and is open to suggestions when it comes to a strategic approach. She leaves no stone unturned. She was extremely kind to me throughout the entire process and was patient offering words of encouragement during this frustrating time. As a result we were able to settle without going to court, I was able to establish 50/50 timesharing, and our daughter did not relocate. Since then I have been able to rebuild the bond with our daughter as well as with her brother. I owe this all to Donna Hung and I don’t only see her as my attorney but I view her as a friend. I highly recommend her to anyone when it comes to custody and she is a huge advocate for Father’s Rights. Donna is the best. – Kevin

Having an attorney like Ms. Paula Silva is the best thing I did, going through a divorce is not an easy thing. She is very aggressive, and doesn’t take crap from opposing council, she will give you the advice which is very practical and to your benefit. Paula and her team made the process so easy and smooth that when we got done with the divorce, not only I was a free man but I was also worry free. There were time that I was frustrated with the process of the divorce, but never once she got angry or irritated. I hope, I don’t have to use a divorce attorney ever again and if I ever have too, she will be the 1st one I will go too and also the 1st one I would refer too if anyone wants a divorce attorney. – Fardeen

I’ve been working with Donna for over 5 years. I hired her back in 2012 to assist with my divorce. When I had to reopen my case 2 years later to request a change in custody I could not think of anyone better to handle it. My case is very difficult due to an opposing side with a severe personality disorder. He went through numerous attorneys due to being completely unreasonable. He stopped at nothing to get Donna to drop my case by threatening to file complaints against her and filing numerous frivolous motion to pile up my attorney fees. Not only Donna stood up strong but she worked out a payment plan with me. Ultimately she was able to prove he was engaging in frivolous litigation and obtained for my attorney fees to be reimbursed.

She is very straight forward and tells you how it is, not what you would like to hear. She is very knowledgeable, she works fast and gets the work done, whether it’s at 6am on her way out of the country or at 10:30pm because you have a hearing the next day.

To those who are unhappy she would not take their case I would say there are a lot of unethical attorneys out there who would take your money even if they do not believe in your case. Donna is not one of them. She will only take your case if she truly believes she can bring you a decent resolution.

In the past five years I’ve had lots of Court hearings and seen a lot of attorneys on the opposite side. No doubt she’s the best and I’m definitely keeping her.

I originally hired her based on her AVVO reviews (I read every single one) and I have never regretted it. – Gwen

I first needed an attorney for obtaining an injunction. This was a very scary time in my life. Donna helped me through the entire process from beginning to end. I was so emotional during the hearing, I could barely speak. Donna was not only amazing in the courtroom, but she was caring and supportive of me and I would have never got through this without her. Needless to say, she was able to get me the final order of injunction. I then hired her for my divorce.  Again, she made the most difficult and painful decision of my life manageable. This was almost a two year process as there were many factors that were contributing to the delay. Donna and team consistently communicated with me and fought hard to make sure I had a favorable outcome. Due to their hard work and perseverance, I received everything I had asked for which I didn’t think would be possible. Thank you Donna and Team as I am forever grateful.  – Heather

I am so thankful that Paula represented me in my divorce case. 
She is incredibly intelligent, patient, understanding and diligent. She was on top of my case and fought hard for everything that was important to me. She worked tirelessly and was instrumental in helping me keep a level head throughout the process. She is a skilled negotiator and an expert at being aggressive when necessary while maintaining a very professional demeanor. She always provided me with updates, details and overall excellent communication throughout the entire process. I can’t say enough positive things about Paula and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Paula is highly trustworthy, ethical and will be a valuable asset on your side. Lastly, the entire office staff was equally as wonderful. Thank you all for the wonderful job you did to help me through such a difficult process, I am incredibly grateful! – Jennifer

They are not the lowest hourly rates in town (Donna was my attorney), but you get what you pay for in this case.

Professionally I observed competence was very high, communication was above par and every hr spent added recognizable value to my case.

Personally she and the staff seem genuine and empathetic.

In my view they offer a compelling combination I would gladly recommend to a friend if in need of a local family law practice.

This area of the law is objectively a highly sensitive and personal experience, more so than most other areas, in this regard I would rate this firm as highly recommended if you are in need.

I was arrested for battery due to my naivety. First time ever getting arrested and I was scared and clueless. Donna and her team helped me through the process. They were very professional, responded to my inquiries promptly, and carried me along every step of the way. Charges were since dropped and the arrest has now being expunged. I always felt I was in “good hands.” Highly recommend. – Oluwaseun

My experience with Donna Hung was excellent. She is highly competent and outstanding in her work. I am pleased to know that Lawyers of her Caliber exist in our community. We will always turn to Donna again for her caring and understanding of Clients needs and for the professionalism in her work. When you have a good experience with a great Lawyer you don’t want to lose that, you can only recommend her because she is That good. Thank you Donna for helping the family. – William

For the first time in my life I needed an attorney. I wasn’t really sure where to begin. I looked online and found Law Offices of Donna Hung. My wife and I were separated and I wanted a divorce. After talking to several different divorce attorneys and family lawyers I turned to Donna Hung and her staff; I knew that I had found the divorce attorney for me. Divorce attorney Donna Hung made me feel confident that my divorce would be handled in a proficient and professional manner. Donna Hung and her staff also helped me get a fair child support and child custody settlement. A divorce is always a sticky situation, but with divorce lawyers at Law Offices of Donna Hung it was a lot less painful than I anticipated. I highly recommend her law firm for your divorce lawyer needs. Thank you again for all of your help! – Jonathan

Paula Morrell was an outstanding attorney. She kept me informed, was available for every question or concern, and made me feel supported through this difficult process. I would highly recommend her to anyone! – Jennifer

I had the pleasure of working with Donna on my recent divorce case, that was very contentious. Donna did an excellent job in not only managing the issues with my Ex, but also took the time and attention to help me through a difficult time. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who cares about you as a person and not just as a paycheck. Additionally, the support staff in the office is detailed, excellent follow up communication and always takes the extra time to explain the details of the various processes, strategies, etc. I would highly recommend the Donna Hung’s law firm to anyone going through divorce or for any other legal matter. – Jacob

Ms. Paula was excellent in my case. She’s very intelligent, a great listener, understanding and caring. She explained everything in detail about the case and kept me constantly updated. I highly recommend her. – Angelica

Donna Hung was my third lawyer. She took my case even though we were about to go to court. Once I hired her I realized the poor service I received from my first 2 lawyers. Donna was extremely professional, efficient and straightforward. I did not go to court and the case was settled. I am very happy that I found her and would recommend her 100%. Read reviews before deciding on a lawyer. I did not do this and my sister was the one that read her reviews and recommended her to me. Before this unfortunate case I did not know much about lawyers but with my first 2 lawyers I knew something was wrong. When I hired Donna I felt the difference immediately. I was involved and did not feel that my lawyer was simply reacting. I felt she really did have the knowledge, the organization. I felt respected and protected. My most sincere thank you to the entire team and especially to Attorney Donna Hung. – Didi

After consulting with a couple other attorneys, I immediately felt Atty Paula Silva Morrell would be the best attorney to handle my case. She was very professional and attentive to my needs. The level of service and communication provided by both herself and the paralegal were superb. I was very happy with the outcome in my case and extremely happy we were able to finalize it before the year ended!! Thank you Paula for an outstanding job each and every day! – Madeline

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to have found Donna Hung. 
Not only is she caring and compassionate, but her attention to detail, thoroughness and knowledge is outstanding. In dealing with my very intimidating ex at my mediation hearing she was professional, thorough and very assertive which is exactly what was needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna and will always be thankful I walked into her office. – Helen

I arrived at her office in a difficult moment for me and my children. Now from the minute at orientation that she explain the whole process. I knew she was the one, 100% aggressive and professional. She keep all the evidence up to date. During the whole case, she guided me step by step and never let me lose hope. In the process she fought to the end and we won the case. 
I recommend Ms.Paula Silva and her staff to anyone that want a successful/clean ending on their case. – Yaitza

Donna Hung came in after another attorney had completely dropped the ball on a child custody case. So starting out I was already frustrated and not very receptive to attorneys at this point. But once I retained Donna I was impressed. A+ communication. A+ with her knowledge. Everything she told me would happen did happen. That includes doing what she said she would do when she said she would do it. To make a brief summary in court she was courteous, and professional the whole time but when the questioning started she was a tiger! She is who you want on your team. – Gareth

I hired Ms. Silva for my divorce case in 2015, and am very pleased with the outcome she helped provide. 
Ms. Silva is very good at taking in all of the information you provide, including what your desired outcome is, and presenting your best case. She didn’t promise that everything would go exactly the way I wanted it to, but looked into everything to determine what was realistic. 
She is also a wonderful blend of aggressive, yet not inflammatory. When opposing council attempted to make confrontational situations she stepped in to a) resolve the situation, and b) let them know that they and their client were being unrealistic and incendiary. This happened while still being clear and firm about where we stood on custody expectations. – Anonymous

Attorney Hung is absolutely amazing. She is very caring & thoughtful. She has a great staff, every meeting was handled professionally & was always in the best interest for me as her client & what would be the best for my daughter during my divorce. Attorney Hung I can honestly say she is very dependable & trustworthy. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she has done for me & my daughter. It is very hard to find much trustworthy people in this field & I was blessed to have found Attorney Hung. – Melissa

I am so thankful for Attorney Donna Hung’s legal representation of my daughter! Attorney Hung is an exceptional attorney who is knowledgeable and professional while also showing compassion and understanding of her client’s needs. She provided excellent guidance through a difficult situation. She was always quick to answer our questions as well as keeping us informed throughout the process. Her office staff is friendly, efficient and a good steward of the money I invested in protecting my daughter. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Donna Hung, P.A.! – Stephanie

You will never regret hiring Donna Hung! She is positively the best. It was probably the most confusing and emotional period of my life (getting divorced). You might say that my divorce took a lot longer than most (12 months +/-). She was the greatest during the whole process. She is so impressive at what she can accomplish. She kept me informed every step of the way. I know you will agree once you meet her. Just make an appointment and see for yourself. You will not find anyone better, I guarantee it! Thank you so much for everything Donna.– Mike R.

When I found myself needing a divorce attorney I had no idea where to turn. After doing a little research I happened upon Ms. Hung and scheduled a consultation with her. She immediately made me feel comfortable and that everything was going to be alright. Over the following months she and her staff were always quick to respond to my questions and when something needed to be done it was done right away. Even when I thought my questions might be silly she always answered them respectfully, and she handled my case with the utmost care. She treated me less like a client and more like a friend. I hold Ms. Hung in the highest regard and would not hesitate to use her services again or to recommend her to someone needing an outstanding attorney! – Jimmy R.

My name is Casim Aras. I have witnessed honesty, professionalism and hard work of Donna Hung in my divorce case. I really appreciate her work on my behalf in the court. I can refer her with 100 percent assurance to anyone who is looking for a professional, honest and hard working lawyer in their hardest time of life like divorce. – Casim

My experience with the Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A. has been great. Her professionalism and explanation of my divorce case was extraordinary.
Her office staff was always very helpful. I would definitely recommend Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A. to anyone in need of a lawyer. – Denise A.

I was referred to Donna Hung almost two years ago by one of my Nurse practitioners I work with. I was so happy to find a law firm I could trust and expect honesty from. My case involved a child custody case and it was a long process drawn out from the other party over a year, and I wouldn’t of been able to successfully succeed without the help of this law firm. Mrs. Hung is a very strong and dedicated women who will help you with your case. She will be 100% honest with you from the beginning and tell you whether or not she can take over your case. Every time I needed assistance or had a question, I always got a response the same day or no more than 24 hours and her staff especially Martha who is one of the paralegal’s there was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and very caring. When looking around for lawyer’s they all vary in price, let me tell you, you get what you pay for!!!!! If you want a cheap lawyer then your going to waste your time and money paying for nothing, invest your money wisely within a firm you can trust and count on. I compared prices with other highly rated attorneys, but Mrs. Hung was the best fit for me, because she treated me as a valued client and not another number like other law firms do. I found her price reasonable and the quality of service very exceptional. My case was settled a few months ago, and I was very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend The Law office of Donna Hung and will definitely use her again in the future. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter and I. – Felicia

Donna Hung and her firm are professional, and she is very fairly priced. She represented me for my case, and did an exceptional job. I would recommend her to anyone in the Orlando area for family court matters. Keep up the great work!!! – April

Atty. Hung provided me with much-needed support in navigating through my high-conflict divorce involving a narcissistic spouse. Throughout my ordeal, I was consistently heard and understood. When I was feeling uncertain and insecure, she made me feel cared for and protected. When I had to make crucial decisions and found myself at a crossroads, she provided me with expert advice and guidance, while maintaining her respect for me as her client. In the courtroom, her brilliant performance was absolutely impressive, I became her biggest fan. 
Divorce is an emotional roller coaster like no other, and every time I felt close to losing my sanity, Atty. Hung helped me stay focused on reaching my goal to get out of a toxic marriage and start a new life. 
Anyone needing legal representation especially in dealing with a personality disordered spouse are in GREAT hands with Atty. Hung and her exceptionally efficient, caring, and professional legal team. – Anonymous

When my husband at the time decided to get a divorce I was totally surprised and didn’t know the first thing what to do next. I was referred to Mrs. Donna Hung by a friend of mine and after reading all the great reviews I decided to call and ask for an appointment.

After the first meeting with Mrs. Hung, I knew it was the right decision on hiring her as my attorney. I just knew she was going to do her best for me. She knew all right questions to ask me to formulate a plan of action and I felt comfortable with her from the start.

My X had hired a professional evaluation company to do detail research on all of the property values and all the contents of the house. It had to be a 30 page report with values that were not consistent with today’s value. I was so worried with these figures that I was not going to get anything. Then after Mrs. Hung studied the report and went in front of the judge, the judge ordered another recount since Mrs. Hung explained it in a fair and reasonable way. The judge approve the new plan and the results were way better than I had ever expected it to be.

Thank you Mrs. Donna Hung for helping me start a new life that would have not happened if it wasn’t for your guidance through all of this mess. Your are my angel and I thank God that I made the right choice in you as my attorney. – Kelly

Donna Hung is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend. My case became very complicated and she was able to handle every aspect of my case with the utmost compassion, courtesy and professionalism. She really does care about her clients and will do everything she can to help. – Anonymous

Donna is very accommodating, smart, and genuinely seems to care about her client’s outcome. Most importantly, she will always tell you what you need to hear instead of simply telling you what you want to hear. – J

To say that divorce is a particularly difficult time in one’s life would be an understatement. I attempted to navigate my divorce pro se and quickly learned how bad of a decision this was. I was lucky enough to have been referred to Donna. Donna made this time/transition in my life much easier, and without her assistance I can only imagine how horrible this process could have been. I can happily say that Donna is a delight to work with and is one of the few attorneys who truly cares about the needs of her clients and will work tirelessly to aid them in navigating such a tumultuous time in life.

I have personally recommended Donna to others and will gladly continue to do so. Donna is quite knowledgeable, aggressive when the time calls for it, and above all compassionate.

I owe her more than this review as thanks for how she has helped me and can only hope that those reading my review will solicit her counsel. – Thaddeus

I consider myself very lucky, to have found Donna and to have hired her as my attorney. She’s not only excellent at what she does, but she is a warm and caring human being who understands the difficult times that one may go through during a legal situation. From the moment you meet her, she takes the time to explain in detail all the different possibilities and scenarios that one may encounter throughout the legal action. Overall, I’m extremely pleased that my case (divorce) was handled by Donna and no one else……she rocks!!!….Thanks Donna. – Anonymous

Donna is an excellent attorney. Every call I made to her was answered promptly and professionally. She gave excellent counsel and I could not have gotten through that tough period in my life without her. I was definitely well represented. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking counsel. – Tony

I’m a Director of Human resources for a fortune 50 company. 60 % of my time is devoted to legal matters. I know good lawyers from bad…Ms. Hung is one of the best lawyers I’ve work with.. Due to a personal emergency I needed a lawyer quickly. I emailed Ms. Hung on a Sunday afternoon & she responded to promptly. She made a bad experience bearable. Her responsiveness and attention to details is WORLD CLASS. Not to mention she is very knowledgeable and savvy. I would recommend her to anyone looking results and an exceptional lawyer… – Anonymous

As a former client of Donna Hung’s, I would highly recommend her if you are in need of legal representation. She is very articulate, extremely knowledge, and an absolute pleasure to be around. She kept me up to date on all issues regarding my case and was always extremely easy to contact and happy to help with any concerns or answer any questions I might have had. I would rate Donna Hung an 11 out of 10!! – Hayden

I have retained Donna multiple times for paternity and joint custody issues over the years. Each time, she was successful. She is honest, aggressive when necessary, and truly cares about her clients and about father’s rights. I will definitely retain her again if I ever need anything else related to my case.Fred

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