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Monthly Archives: February 2019


Can You Ask for Child Support and Alimony without a Divorce?

By Donna Hung Law Group |

All intimate relationships are complicated, and can expect to suffer difficult periods that test the bond between the people involved. Married couples are particularly susceptible to this type of trial, which may require a cooling off period, but not necessarily a divorce. Divorce is a big step that not all couples are ready to… Read More »


Handling Child Custody Disputes in Other Countries

By Donna Hung Law Group |

It is easy for divorced parents to disagree about how to raise a child, as well as how much time the child should spend with each parent. Most divorced parents find a way to work out these issues so the child is not affected or harmed by adult conflict. Divorced parents are expected to… Read More »


The Consequences of Misconduct during Divorce

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Divorce requires rehashing parts of a marriage that are painful to remember, and giving up things and places that held significant value in a spouse’s life. Some spouses become so soured by the experience, and resentful the relationship did not work out as envisioned, that they will take matters into their own hands to… Read More »


Your Right to Access Joint Accounts in Divorce

By Donna Hung Law Group |

By the time divorce becomes an imminent possibility in a marriage, typically, one spouse has spent a good deal of time thinking it. And, in some cases, that spouse may have taken affirmative steps to do something in preparation for his/her post-divorce life. One thing many spouses do is to drain jointly-held financial accounts…. Read More »