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5 Questions a Lawyer May Ask During an Initial Consultation

5 Questions

An initial consultation with a Florida family lawyer is an opportunity. It is a meeting where an attorney will review the facts of your case and share possible paths forward with you. Plus, the meeting is a chance for you to determine if the lawyer is the right match.


Of course, if you have never met with a legal professional before, you may not be sure what to expect. Know that an attorney is there to help. If you want to prepare for a first meeting, review common questions that an Orlando family lawyer may ask. Lawyers ask these questions to better understand your circumstances and shape the future you desire.

What Is Your Current Issue?

This first question often revolves around the current dynamics of your family. Whether you are dealing with divorce, time-sharing, spousal support, or other family law matters, the attorney will want to grasp the essential details. This may include understanding the current living arrangements, the status of the relationship, and any immediate concerns you may have.

Do You Have Set Goals and Objectives?

Your family lawyer will likely inquire about your goals and what you hope to achieve through legal intervention. Whether it’s seeking primary time-sharing of your children, obtaining a fair division of assets, or resolving a dispute connected to alimony payments, clarifying your objectives helps the attorney tailor their approach.

Are There Immediate Concerns or Emergency Issues?

If there are urgent matters, such as domestic violence concerns, immediate child time-sharing issues, or financial emergencies, the lawyer will want to address these promptly. Understanding any time-sensitive issues allows the attorney to provide necessary guidance and, when necessary, take immediate legal action to protect your interests.

What Is Your Ideal Outcome for the Future?

Beyond the immediate concerns, family lawyers are interested in understanding your vision for the future. For individuals pursuing a divorce, questions may revolve around your expectations regarding co-parenting arrangements, financial stability, or any specific lifestyle considerations you wish to maintain post-divorce or separation.

Have You Considered Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods?

Given the emotional and financial toll of court battles, exploring alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or collaborative law, could be best. An attorney might inquire about your willingness to engage in these processes and discuss how these amicable and cost-effective resolutions could be advantageous for you.

Remember to make your own inquiries at an initial consultation as well. Ask the lawyer about their own experience, approach to handling cases, and communication style. You want to connect with an Orlando family lawyer you feel comfortable talking to, because honesty and transparency allows your attorney to give you informed advice and set realistic expectations for your case.

Could an initial consultation with a family lawyer be your first step to securing the resolution you are seeking? The attorney-client relationship is a partnership, and the experienced family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law will listen compassionately to your situation and strategize next steps with you. Call 407-999-0099 or contact the office online.