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Be Wary Of Your Social Media Activity When Exiting A Marriage


Many use their social media accounts daily. They use them for work communications, to check in with family members, make plans with friends, and connect with news, activities, and entertainers. While social media posts can be informative and entertaining, active users need to be cautious about their social media activity during a divorce.

If you are moving toward a separation and divorce, talk with an Orlando divorce lawyer about best practices. A skilled attorney can inform you on if it would be a good idea for you to pause your social media use in order to achieve your post-divorce goals. After all, posts about new romantic partners, comments about your ex-spouse, and even photos of you celebrating could result in fighting, making negotiations more difficult.

How Social Media Posts Can Complicate a Divorce

Social media can cause problems during a divorce for a variety of reasons. One issue is that social media posts during a divorce can be a source of conflict and drama. For example, if you post something negative about your ex-spouse, they may respond in kind, leading to an online argument. This can make an already difficult situation even more stressful.

Also, social media can be a way for your soon-to-be-ex spouse to spy on you. They may be able to see photos and updates about your life that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. This can be used to gain an advantage in the divorce case and can also be used as evidence in court.

Often pausing all social media use is advised. But if you do continue to use your accounts, be sure to avoid the following types of posts and comments.

  • Sharing information or pictures of recent expensive purchases
  • Shifting your relationship status from married to single before a divorce is final
  • Posting details about the divorce negotiations
  • Saying negative things about the other party or their parenting
  • Wild party pictures and images of lewd behavior

Of course, your objectives will influence what type of post could cause you problems. For instance, if you are in a custody dispute, pictures of you at wild parties could be pointed as evidence of you not being able to provide a stable home life. Or for individuals seeking spousal maintenance payments, posts about large purchases could be used as evidence of you actually having more discretionary income than you are disclosing.

Uncontested Divorces and Negotiations

An uncontested divorce can save you time, money, and stress, but you need to be able to negotiate with the other party. Social media activity can complicate the discussions. Speak with an Orlando divorce lawyer to learn more.

Is your social media activity creating issues during the divorce process? Being careful about communications could help you achieve your post-divorce goals, connect with the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group to learn more. With extensive family law experience, Florida attorneys will listen carefully to your goals and aggressively push to secure the divorce terms and lifestyle you are seeking. To connect with skilled counsel, call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.