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Betrayal Can Prompt Divorce


Marriage is built on trust, commitment, and mutual respect, so when betrayal creeps into a relationship, it can unravel the foundation of a union. While a spouse being unfaithful is one form of betrayal, there are others that can rock relationships. If you are coping with a loss of trust in your marriage and believe it is time to separate or divorce, discuss legal steps with an Orlando divorce lawyer.

Different Ways Trust Can Be Violated

Just as there are a range of ways that people build trust in one another, betrayal can happen in a range of ways.

  • Emotional betrayal. When one spouse within a marriage feels emotionally neglected, abandoned, or disconnected from their partner, they could be experiencing emotional betrayal. This disconnect can happen due to lack of communication, emotional distance, or the other spouse leaning on external relationships.
  • A painful and commonly recognized form of betrayal, infidelity can be emotional, physical, or a blend of both. When a spouse embarks on an affair, it shatters trust. It can be challenging for couples to rebuild the foundation of their relationship when a spouse has connected with another intimately outside of the union.
  • Financial betrayal. Hiding debts, maintaining secret financial accounts, or engaging in irresponsible spending are forms of financial betrayal that create stress within a marriage. Healthy partnerships rely on communication and financial transparency, so when one spouse feels deceived about the family’s financial situation, it can be a catalyst for divorce.
  • Lack of support during challenging times. Marriage is a union that should be solid for better or worse, meaning spouses support each other through life’s challenges. If one person in the marriage is going through a difficult time, such as job loss, health issues, or personal crises, and they do not feel supported, it corrodes trust.

Deceitful behavior as well as lack of empathy and understanding can strain the marital bond. Sometimes stresses can be overcome through counseling, but in other situations the spouses agree it is time to end the marriage and begin a new phase of life.

Legal Considerations When Contemplating Divorce in Florida

If you’re considering a Florida divorce due to betrayal, it’s important to recognize that you are doing so in a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither party needs to prove wrongdoing to obtain a divorce. While betrayal may be a motivating factor for you personally, choosing to pursue an uncontested divorce and citing irreconcilable differences as the reason you are dissolving the union could streamline the process.

Bring your divorce concerns, from asset division to spousal support, to the attention of a seasoned and Orlando divorce lawyer. Navigating the complexities of divorce requires an informed approach, and a legal professional can provide you with the expertise you need to move forward with confidence.

How were you betrayed? If you find yourself considering the end of your Florida marriage due to betrayal, seek guidance from the family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group in order to create the post-divorce life you want. Call 407-999-0099 or contact us online.