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Child Support Issues and Collaborative Solutions


Life doesn’t stay the same, and as circumstances evolve post-divorce, an initial child support agreement may no longer adequately meet the needs of a child. If you are a Florida parent receiving child support payments and believe the amount should be higher, recognize that pursuing an increase doesn’t have to be synonymous with contentious legal battles.

An Orlando family lawyer who specializes in finding collaborative approaches can guide you as you address life changes amicably. Through a process of fostering communication between both parties, legal professionals can help parents adjust to the changing needs of a growing child.

Moves, Financial Shifts, and Health Issues

One scenario that may warrant an increase in child support is a geographical move to a more expensive area. Perhaps one parent relocates to a region with higher living costs or better educational opportunities for the child. In such cases, both parents may recognize the necessity of adjusting the support amount to accommodate the new circumstances. By considering the best interests of the child, they can collaboratively work towards a mutually agreeable solution.

Job loss or significant income reduction for the receiving parent is another situation that could lead to a reassessment of child support. Sudden financial strain can impact the parent’s ability to provide adequately for the child’s needs. In response, the paying parent may understand the challenges and be willing to reassess the support arrangement, either for a temporary amount of time or until the child reaches the age of majority, to ensure the child’s continued well-being.

Health concerns can also lead to increased child support expenses. Whether it’s medical bills, therapy costs, or specialized care, these additional expenses can place a financial burden on the receiving parent, particularly if they arise unexpectedly. Both parents can explore options for adjusting the support arrangement to accommodate these new costs.

Good News Can Prompt Adjustments

It is also important to note that not all child support changes are due to bad news. There are times when the parent who is paying child support experiences a large career advancement and is open to paying more so their child will also experience an increased standard of living in both households.

When you initiate a constructive conversation with your child’s other parent, there may be a path to collaboratively adjusting a support amount. Having a legal professional begin and guide the dialog could be the best way to secure your desired outcome.

Bring your questions about if a child support increase is possible to a qualified Orlando family lawyer. Attorneys are available to answer your inquiries. Should you choose to move forward with pursuing an increase, your lawyer can provide legal guidance and mediation support so that the interests of all parties are addressed equitably.

Were you recently wondering about the possibility of securing an adjustment to your child support agreement? The process can be cooperative. Through mediation or negotiation, parents can reach a revised child support agreement that reflects your family’s current circumstances. Talk to the family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law about your options. Call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.