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Divorce Cases And Character Or Expert Witnesses


Not all divorces require witness accounts. For example, if you are able to pursue an uncontested divorce, it can be an option that is less stressful, lower in cost, and will not involve connecting with witnesses. Essentially, an uncontested divorce is when the parties involved are able to agree on terms within a settlement agreement. But of course, there are times when divorces are contested and there are unresolved disputes in connection of assets, custody, or support payments. Then, witnesses may be beneficial.

When you share the details of your circumstances with an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer, they will carefully listen to your concerns and objectives. Then, they can provide you with options, including mediation or pursuing witnesses to prove your need for certain terms. If witnesses will be helpful, the differences between character witnesses and expert witnesses can be discussed.

Accessing Witness Accounts

A character witness is a person who can provide information about an individual’s positive or negative traits. They may also speak of the person’s reputation. Because they are often too biased, family members are typically not the best choice to provide character statements, but childcare workers, long-term neighbors, and others close to a family could be good candidates.

When expert training and knowledge can shed light on a situation, an expert witness could be the right match. The type of expert will depend on the information required. If the dispute is connected to child custody, school counselors and psychologists would be appropriate. But if an argument is financial in nature, an accountant may be a better choice. An attorney can walk you through who might be best to provide a witness account. It is important to note that there is an expense to pursuing expert witnesses as they are usually compensated for the time they contribute to a case.

Other Forms of Documentation and Avoiding Surprises

When negotiations between parties are possible, it can lead to outcomes both parties are comfortable signing off on. While utilizing witnesses is important in some cases, those cases are not as common. Individuals have to remember that subpoenaing a witness could lead to the person disclosing information that is unexpected. Or, the other party could question the witness on a topic you were not prepared to address.

One of the many benefits to working with a seasoned Orlando divorce lawyer is they understand when it is appropriate to connect with witnesses and when it is best to pursue other forms of evidence to strengthen your case. Attorneys know how to maximize your time, energy, and resources. With Florida legal professionals on your side, you can achieve the divorce agreement you desire.

Is it time for you to talk to a lawyer about witnesses and your post-divorce objectives? The knowledgeable family law attorneys at the Donna Hung Law Group can answer your questions and help you determine a strong path forward. Our attorneys are familiar with the advantages and disagreements of contested and uncontested divorces. Call or contact the office today to schedule an initial evaluation.