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Including Distinct Provisions In Parenting Plans


When Florida parents move toward an uncontested divorce the path is often smoother, but there is the need for cooperation between parents throughout the process. Because while drafting an agreement in connection with property division and asset allocation is part of the divorce process, a comprehensive parenting plan will also be needed.

Meeting with an Orlando divorce lawyer is an opportunity to share your long-term objectives with a legal professional. Then, an attorney can walk you through making your goals a reality. For many parents ending a union, it can be empowering to acknowledge the significance of cooperation, negotiate a workable parenting plan, and speak up about any distinct provisions that are important to them.

Negotiating a Workable Parenting Plan 

Uncontested divorces offer families an opportunity to part ways amicably, and deciding to go this route can reduce the emotional strain on everyone involved. But in order for the process to move forward effectively,  cooperation needs to be prioritized. When parents commit to working together, the transition becomes more manageable. Cooperation fosters a more positive environment.

Central to the success of co-parenting is the creation of a well-thought-out parenting plan that both parties are comfortable with. This document should outline the responsibilities and rights of each parent, covering issues like time-sharing, visitation schedules, and authority to make decisions about key areas of child rearing, such as health and education. Negotiating a parenting plan often requires compromise and occasional reminders that the focus needs to be on the children’s best interests.

Every person has their own lens on family dynamics, so it is common for a one-size-fits-all parenting plan to not address specific needs or circumstances. If you have distinctive aspects you want to include, such as particular holiday schedules or set communication guidelines, you should bring those concerns up during the negotiation process.

Many families benefit from drafting a parenting plan that is even more detailed than the parents initially believed was necessary. This is because including things like holiday schedules and having modes of communication between parents spelled out can help alleviate potential conflicts.

For instance, in our era of instant communication, setting guidelines for how parents communicate is ideal for all involved. You and your co-parent could agree on preferred modes of communication and establish response times, which will ensure that both of you are kept informed about significant events in the lives of the kids without having to encroach on one another’s private affairs.

Provision for Handling Major Life Events

Remembering that life is unpredictable is important, too. A complete parenting plan should have provisions for handling major life events, such as relocations, changes in employment, or health-related issues. Discuss your situation with an Orlando divorce lawyer to create a foundation for a healthier post-divorce family dynamic.

Is designing a parenting plan part of your uncontested divorce process? Talk about the importance of cooperation and negotiation with the lawyers at Donna Hung Law. Then, your attorney can share with you ways to achieve your specific provisions within final agreements. Call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.