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Navigating Changes and Child Support Modifications


Child support arrangements are key components of divorce settlements when parents end a union. While the particular amount negotiated or awarded aligns with the finances and lifestyles of the parents when a divorce is finalized, it also needs to be recognized that life is dynamic and circumstances can change.

If you believe a child support modification is needed, know that many divorced parents are able to negotiate changes amicably. You do not need to go through an emotionally upsetting court process in order for the adjustment to be made. Instead, seek advice from a seasoned Orlando family lawyer on how parents can move forward with transitions.

When a Child Support Modification May be Warranted

With the support of an experienced attorney, parents can ensure that the best interests of their children remain at the forefront of any modifications to child support agreements. Adjustments to the payment amount needed can vary, but typically a modification is the result of one or more of the following.

  • Change in income. A large change in the income of either parent, either from job loss, salary shifts, or changes in employment status, can be a valid reason for seeking a child support modification.
  • Expense adjustments. When there are significant changes in the expenses connected to childrearing, such as increased educational costs or medical expenses, it may warrant a modification to ensure that the child’s needs are adequately met.
  • If one of the parents moves to a new location, and especially so if the geographical change impacts the parenting time arrangement, the child support order may need to be revisited to reflect the new circumstances.
  • Time-sharing arrangement alterations. Child support calculations can be readjusted if there is a sizable shift in the time each parent spends with the child.
  • New relationships. When a parent moves in with a new partner, it can impact their financial reality. Changes to child support can ensure that the child’s needs are still met while considering the new household’s financial circumstances.
  • Insurance changes. Healthcare coverage and medical insurance costs do not stay the same, and a shift in these expenses can impact the original agreement and be a valid reason for a child support modification.

When both parents recognize the change in circumstances, negotiating support adjustments can be a beneficial approach, especially when both parties are willing to collaborate and reach a fair agreement.

Advantages to Open Communication

Transparency about the financial changes in your life and that of your ex-spouse can facilitate a smoother negotiation process. Collaborative discussions allow both parties to review possible modifications and agree on terms due to the changed circumstances. Co-parents often find flexible and sustainable solutions are part of maintaining a productive co-parenting relationship. Talk to an Orlando family lawyer to learn more.

How are you planning to pursue a change to your child support arrangement? Life is unpredictable, and child support payments may need to be adjusted to accommodate changing circumstances. Talk to the attorneys at Donna Hung Law about next steps. Call 407-999-0099 or contact us online.