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Orlando Grandparents And Visitation Rights


When a Florida couple with children divorces, a parenting plan must be established to determine custody, visitation, and parental responsibilities. In some cases, grandparents play a significant role in the children’s lives, and when so, one or both of the individuals exiting the marriage may be wondering if grandparents can be included within a parenting plan.

Share your wishes and concerns with an Orlando divorce lawyer. Grandparents in Orlando have very limited legal visitation rights on their own, but there are situations in which they will be included in a co-parenting plan.

Things to Consider When It Comes to Grandparent Time

While Florida law recognizes the important role that grandparents play in children’s lives, there are only limited circumstances that guarantee them visitation rights. It is far more common for grandparents to be included in parenting plans or to have a parent simply take their children to a grandparent’s home during their own parenting time.

The first step to including grandparent time in a parenting plan is to discuss your wishes with your ex-spouse. If you both agree grandparent time is beneficial for the kids, it will be easier to include grandparent time in the parenting plan. If there is conflict or disagreement on the topic, things can become more complicated.

When both parents agree to include grandparent time in the parenting plan, you can work with your attorneys to draft a plan that outlines the terms of visitation. Detailed plans are in everyone’s interests, so the plan should include the frequency and duration of visits, the location of visits, and any other relevant details. All of these considerations have to be in the child’s best interests, so it should not interfere with the child’s routine or cause unnecessary stress.

Some Flexibility Can Be Helpful to Achieving Your Goals

Including grandparent time in a parenting plan may require some flexibility on both sides. Being open and honest about your availability to navigate any changes or conflicts that may arise could support your long-term wishes. By being flexible and accommodating, you can create a plan that works for everyone involved.

To get the process started, connect with legal counseling. Securing legal guidance from the beginning can be particularly helpful as including grandparent time in a Florida parenting plan after a divorce requires careful consideration and planning.

By discussing your wishes with your ex-spouse, understanding Florida’s laws on grandparent visitation, and considering the child’s best interests, you can create a plan that allows for meaningful and safe visits with grandparents. If you have any questions or concerns, it may be helpful to seek the advice of an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer.

Is scheduling time for extended family within a parenting plan important to you? Discuss what is possible with family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law. Skilled lawyers are able to use their skills, background, and resources to draft the parenting plan you need to secure the post-divorce life you want. Learn more, simply call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.