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Parent Relocation And Your FL Parenting Agreement


Moving is attractive for a range of reasons at different points in people’s lives. It is possible, following a divorce, that you have been offered a great career opportunity in another city or you would like to move back to your home state to enjoy the company and support of your family members and childhood friends. But if there was a custody agreement and parenting plan as part of your divorce, you have to proceed carefully.

Talk to an Orlando divorce lawyer about your intent to move before alerting your ex-spouse and others to your plans. You want to be sure you are taking the appropriate legal steps to secure the future you are seeking. Even when you are moving in state, you could be a long drive away which could disrupt custody schedules.

Negotiating Terms of a Modification

Just as it is advantageous to negotiate toward an agreement during a divorce, negotiating parental plan modifications is typically better than fighting in court. This is true for a few different reasons. One, when a judge has complete authority the final decision could be far from what you wanted. Two, an agreement allows you and your ex-spouse to outline terms that work for both of you. And three, avoiding long, drawn out legal disputes will save you stress and financial strain.

In order for a court to authorize your negotiated terms, it needs to be in the best interests of the kids. This could involve one or all of the following considerations.

  • There is a logical reason the parent wants to relocate.
  • Bonds between the child and each parent will continue.
  • The developmental needs of the children will be met.
  • Financial responsibilities for the upbringing of the kids will be taken care of.

Essentially, it is important to the court that the move will not put a child’s growth, development, and health at risk.

Moving Within Florida or an Out-of-State Relocation

Of course, who far you are moving will be part of the negotiation process. If you are planning to move out of state or to another country, there will be additional details to address. Talk through your situations with an Orlando divorce lawyer. An experienced attorney can advise you on if a modification is possible and if the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) could be part of the process.

Are you hoping to move to another area but are unsure how the relocation would impact your parenting agreement? Before making any drastic moves, discuss your situation with a skilled family lawyer. It is possible you can achieve the future you want with careful negotiation and legal action. Abrupt changes without seeking proper modifications could lead to more disputes and issues. Bring your questions to the attention of the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group. With years of Florida family law experience, our attorneys know how to guide you through custodial issues. To get the process started, call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.