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What Can An Orlando Parent Do If They Suspect Child Abuse Post-Divorce?


Too often we hear of stories in the news where a parent, family member, or stepparent is accused of abuse against a vulnerable minor. While it’s not a comfortable subject to discuss, it is the reality for many families. Post COVID-19 domestic violence incident reports have skyrocketed enough to qualify it as a second pandemic in and of itself. There is no excuse for child abuse whatsoever but what can divorced parents do if they suspect that their child’s co-parent is engaging in physical, emotional, mental, or other forms of abuse with their child. Is that reason enough to seek an emergency court order with the family court of jurisdiction? Sometimes parents and couples file for divorce because of an abusive partner or parent. But what happens if you suspect a co-parent of abuse after divorce is final?

Contact Help Immediately

If you believe your child may be in an unsafe environment when the other parent has custody of them, you need to notify the authorities as soon as possible. You can contact a domestic violence shelter, or child and family services center. Your report is confidential and these services can help you find the help you need, including legal assistance to file for emergency custody hearings. You might be tempted to directly confront your spouse about alleged allegations or perhaps your children have not confided anything in you but your intuition indicates otherwise.

File a Protective Order

Even if it only seems like a hunch, it is best that you reassure your children  that you are a safe person to come to and discuss anything with even if it is something of a serious nature. Calling the authorities may launch an investigation and the police may identify the cause to remove your children from your co-parent’s home. Our attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group can also help you obtain a restraining order on behalf of your children on an emergency or temporary basis until a hearing is scheduled on the merits to obtain the restraining order you must establish the fact that you’re a person eligible for relief and that some form of abuse occurred for which you are seeking protection.

Contact Donna Hung Law Group for Help

If you or someone in your family is concerned for a child’s safety or if you have a confirmed reports of child abuse, it is critical that you contact the authorities as soon as possible for their protection. There are resources available to you at no cost to help you through this difficult time. If you share custody with a suspected child abuser, it is critical you contact an Orlando family law attorney as soon as possible to modify custody or seek emergency custody hearing with a family court judge. Our Orlando attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group have experience in both family and criminal law and are skilled practitioners who can help our clients in even the most dire of times. Call today to schedule a free confidential consultation and get the help that you need.