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What Documents Do You Need for Your Florida Child Support Hearing?



If you have been summoned to court for a scheduled child support hearing in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, you may be wondering what documents you will need to bring to the Department of Revenue (DOR) hearing.

DOR hearings, which are held to calculate and enforce a child support order, require a court appearance. However, many people are unaware of what documents to bring to the hearing and whether they need an Orlando child support lawyer by their side.

What Documents Should You Bring to Your Florida Child Support Hearing?

In some cases, the petitioner or the Department of Revenue will request documents in advance of the child support hearing. The request usually contains the documents that you should bring to the hearing.

However, when there is no such request, what documents do you need to bring to the DOR hearing in Florida? It is recommended – and, in some cases, required – that you bring the following documents to your child support hearing:

  • A copy of your financial affidavit (a short-form if your income is less than $50,000 or a long-form if your income is higher than $50,000);
  • Your pay stubs for the past six months;
  • Your last three years of tax returns;
  • Other documents that establish your accurate income;
  • A notice of termination (if you have recently been terminated from your employment);
  • Medical or daycare records if you have daycare or medical expenses for your children;
  • Records of medical expenses for yourself; and
  • Records of any child support payments that have been made to the petitioner.

There may be other documents that you should bring to the DOR hearing.

What Happens During a DOR Hearing?

When it comes to preparing for a DOR hearing in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, consider two scenarios. In the first scenario, the petitioner does not appear before the court. As a result, you – as the respondent – may avoid a full hearing and may obtain a more favorable child support order.

In this scenario, it is possible that fewer documents would be required to establish a child support payment plan. However, it is always recommended to be prepared to the fullest extent possible, which is why you should bring all the documents that were requested by the petitioner or the DOR.

In the second scenario, both the petitioner and respondent appear before the court. In that case, if you have collected and brought all necessary documents, the court will be able to establish a fair and accurate child support order.

Keep in mind that your ex may hold you accountable for unpaid child support, which is why you should make sure that these monthly payments will not put a strain on your budget.

Whatever happens, do not attempt to manipulate the facts or undervalue your income to get a more favorable child support order. Being 100% truthful is critical during DOR hearings in Florida. Any attempts to manipulate or provide incorrect information will reflect poorly on you.

Above all, do not arrive late to the DOR hearing or fail to show up at all. Make sure that you consult with an Orlando child support lawyer before attending the hearing. Contact Donna Hung Law Group to schedule a confidential consultation. Call our Orlando-based family law lawyers at 407-999-0099.