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What If A Florida Parent Fails To Pay Child Support?


Child support payments are an obligation, and there can be serious consequences if a parent ignores an order to pay support. Which makes sense as both parents need to provide for a growing child, including providing financial resources. And if you are the custodial parent, you may be relying on payments in order to keep up with household budget expenses.

If you are waiting on payments after being awarded child support by a Florida court, there are legal steps you can take to enforce the obligation. To explore your options, share the details of your situation with a knowledgeable Orlando divorce lawyer. Late notices can be sent, and if the issue continues penalties will follow.

Penalties for Avoiding Paying Child Support

What type of consequences are appropriate will depend on your unique situation. There are administrative and criminal penalties for failing to make regular support payments. Punishments could include one or more of the following:

  • Garnishment of income
  • Benefits seized, such as tax refunds or workers’ comp
  • Liens on properties
  • Time in jail
  • Suspension of driver’s licenses
  • Denial of business licenses or passports
  • Recreational license suspension

If you are a parent who was ordered to pay support and you are unable to make the payments, due to a job loss or change in your circumstances, you need to get the payment amount modified. Stopping payments or paying an amount that is too low can lead to more legal problems. Modifications are possible, if needed.

Monthly Resources Lead to Payment Amounts

Legal adjustments in the form of modifications are possible because Florida child support payment levels are connected to monthly resources. So, if the payment amount is set at 20% of your ex-spouse’s monthly income and they lose their job, things can become complicated if they are no longer able to make the payment amount you were accustomed to receiving.

It is important to note that there are legal channels for determining child support payment amounts and the possibility of increasing or decreasing them. You do not have to take someone’s word for a shift in your household budget. Project yourself and your financial future, talk to an Orlando divorce lawyer.

Additionally, legal professionals know how to cope with complicated issues, such as an ex-spouse moving to another state and then choosing to not make payments because they feel they are no longer bound by Florida laws. In truth, a Florida court can move forward with an action wherever the non-paying parent is residing. Courts take the needs of children seriously and will fight to protect minors.

Is it time for you to learn more about your child support payment rights? Whether you are moving toward legal action because you have not been paid or if you are in the beginning stages of developing a parenting plan, the knowledgeable family law attorneys at the Donna Hung Law Group have the experience to secure the future you want. Our attorneys are qualified in mediation negotiations and divorce agreements. Call or contact the office today to schedule an initial evaluation.