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When Is It Time To Divorce?


Contemplating if you should end a marriage or not for years before moving toward divorce is common. Divorce is a huge, life-altering decision. Many have to spend time thinking about the impact a divorce will have on their families, lifestyle, and financial stability before coming to the conclusion that divorce is the best choice.

Taking your time to decide on divorce is to be expected, and it is better to be sure of your choice before you begin the process as reversing a divorce decision is complicated and messy. Sometimes a period of counseling helps married couples to discover ways to save their marriage. But there are also times that talking through issues only strengthens one or both spouses’ opinion that their life would be happier and healthier by accessing a divorce. If this is where you are in the process, talk to an Orlando divorce lawyer.

Ways to Strengthen Communication

For some couples, working on communication is a way to heal a marriage. Every long-term relationship involves disagreements now and again, but resolving issues is necessary if the union is going to last. Of course, both spouses have to be open to conversation. If not, the marriage will likely be in trouble.

A few tips on how to establish productive communication:

  • Begin your sentences with “I” rather than “you” to avoid the other person feeling accused
  • Focus on discussing the present issue, resist the urge to bring up old arguments
  • Pay attention to body language, rolling the eyes and clenching fists can send combative signals
  • Try to untangle specific concerns rather than open ended fights about undefined problems

Leaning on the expertise of a professional, such as a marriage counselor, could be beneficial. Professionals can pinpoint what communication issues are present and suggest strategies that could lead to more productive discussions.

Turn to a Lawyer for Guidance If You Choose to Divorce

Even after a period of counseling, there are times when an individual simply knows it is time to exit the marriage. When you feel this way, talk to an Orlando divorce lawyer without delay. Then, you can share with your attorney what your hopes are for the future.

For example, maybe retaining the marital home is very important to you. This could be true for a parent who is seeking a specific parenting agreement and has a strong desire for their children to experience as little change as possible throughout the divorce process. Others may not be attached to a marital home and find themselves comfortable selling all mutually owned properties as long as the funds can be fairly distributed so that each person can purchase their post-divorce home without any financial stress.

Have you been trying to reconcile with your spouse but believe it is becoming clear that divorce is ahead? Experienced family lawyers have the background, knowledge, and skills required to answer your questions and provide clarity to your unique situation. Bring your questions to the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law. Once our attorneys learn about what is important to you, we can decide on next steps. To gain more information, call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.