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Monthly Archives: July 2024


Court Orders for Ultimate Decision-Making Authority

By Donna Hung Law Group |

When transitioning from spouses to coparents, a key issue parents face is determining how decisions regarding their child’s upbringing will be made post-divorce. It is important to know that even if you believe you should have ultimate decision-making authority, Florida courts generally favor a co-parenting model. Of course, there are circumstances where one parent… Read More »


What Makes a Collaborative Divorce Process Unique?

By Donna Hung Law Group |

When a couple decides a marriage is no longer working, they have various options when it comes to ending the union. One approach is a collaborative divorce process, which has gained popularity as it focuses on mutual respect, open communication, and cooperation. Talk to an Orlando family lawyer about where you are today and… Read More »


The Power of Constructive Communication and Mediation

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Divorce can be a challenging journey. For some, the process is fraught with emotional turmoil and uncertainty. While discussions may be strained when a marriage reaches a breaking point, it is also true that communication becomes paramount when drafting a divorce agreement. Constructive communication can smooth the path toward a peaceful resolution, allowing both… Read More »