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Questions A FL Divorce Lawyer Might Ask You


While bringing your own questions to an initial meeting with a family lawyer is an important part of determining if they have the background you need to make your post-divorce objectives a reality, it is also true that the lawyer will ask a few questions of you as well. After all, the attorney will need an understanding of what your goals are in order to advise you on next steps.

Where Are You Living Now and Is There a Marital Home?

For instance, an attorney will likely ask you if you are already separated and if so, is there a marital property that you or your spouse are interested in retaining or if the house could be sold and the profits distributed. Each situation will have its unique considerations. You may be separated but with a legal agreement in place connected to child custody concerns. Or, maybe you do not have kids and both you and your spouse are still living in the marital home but your hope is that your spouse will move and you can buy them out and keep the property for yourself.

And when you are talking through these questions other concerns will likely come to light. Because if you have a child custody agreement with your spouse, it will need to be determined if that agreement is binding or if creating a new parenting plan is in the best interests of the kids, which will lead to a Florida judge finalizing the terms of a divorce agreement.

What Are Your Top Priorities?

Sometimes, in the initial phase of a divorce, neither spouse wants to negotiate. But a lot of progress can be made through the negotiation process when you define what your top priorities are. Because if one of your top priorities is holding on to certain investments, an Orlando divorce lawyer can work to make that happen. And it may be a smoother process if you are willing to let something else go. For instance, your spouse may agree to you retaining an investment portfolio if you halt your pursuit of spousal maintenance payments.

If you feel nervous about meeting with an attorney, know that it is normal to feel some anxiety when going into an unfamiliar situation. And also know that Florida family lawyers work throughout their careers to help their clients achieve their goals and move toward their post-divorce future with confidence.

Are you ready to meet with a Florida lawyer to discuss divorce? While you may not need an attorney, an experienced family lawyer has the knowledge and skills needed to make your post-divorce life goals come to fruition. To learn what is possible for you, and to connect with an array of support resources, reach out to the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group. Because our legal team has extensive Florida family law experience, our attorneys can guide you through the divorce process, navigating any upsets along the way. To get started, call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.