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What If I Can’t Afford Child Support Because I Lost My Job?


A key aspect of parenting is providing for children. Because of this, there are rules in Florida to ensure that children receive the financial support they need from both parents. Often a primary custodial parent will access funds through child support payments. However, if the paying parent loses their job, it can have a significant impact on their ability to make the awarded payments.

If you believe you will no longer be able to continue making your child support payments due to a recent job loss, talk about what options you have with an Orlando divorce lawyer. A skilled attorney will listen carefully to the economic stress you are experiencing and share a strategy forward with you.

Exploring and Securing a Modification

After a parent loses their primary source of income, a modification to child support obligations can be looked into. A Florida court will re-evaluate your financial situation and could adjust the child support amount.

Some of factors that will be reviewed:

  • Income reduction. If you have lost your job, your income has likely decreased, which may result in a decrease in child support.
  • Unemployment compensation. When you are receiving unemployment benefits after a job loss, these benefits may be considered as income and will be included in child support considerations.
  • Starting a new job. It is possible a new position will not have the same salary as a prior job. The court will consider this new income when assessing the possibility of a modification.

Your attorney can gather all of the documentation needed to prove your need for a modification. There will need to be an explanation of when a job loss took place and why. Proof of current income, such as unemployment and other part-time gigs, will also need to be supplied, along with a list of current expenses of the paying parent. Your expense list will include your housing costs, grocery expenses, utility bills, and other necessities included in your monthly household budget.

Other Agreement Considerations to Review, Including Health Insurance

While a job loss in Florida can have a significant impact on child support obligations, it can also have an effect on other areas of a divorce agreement as well. For example, you may be obligated to provide health insurance for your children, which may become another expense if coverage was accessed through a workplace benefit plan you no longer have access to.

Speak to an Orlando divorce lawyer about the procedure for requesting a modification and other areas of a parenting plan that could be impacted after an employment change. Job loss is stressful, but there are professionals available to help.

Could you use legal advice following a job loss? There are paths forward if you can no longer afford to make regular child support payments. Be proactive and pursue a modification before your ex-spouse takes legal action. Have a conversation with the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group to learn more. Call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.