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What if the Other Parent Refuses or Fails to Take the Kids to School?


If your ex-spouse refuses to take your child to school, you might be dealing with a possible case of contempt. It can be frustrating to see the other parent fail to adhere to their responsibilities and commitments outlined in a parenting plan.

Regardless of whether your former spouse refuses to take your children to school or fails to do so on time, such actions can jeopardize the education of your kids. But what are your options if the other parent refuses or fails to take your kids to school after a divorce in Florida?

What to Do if the Other Parent Refuses or Fails to Take Your Children to School?

There are a few things you can do if your ex-spouse is not taking your children to school or is failing to exercise their parental responsibilities after a divorce.

Review the Parenting Plan

If you finalized your divorce, you most likely have a parenting plan, which outlines the parties’ responsibilities and commitments regarding post-divorce parenting. When any custody-related disputes arise, a parenting plan is usually the divorced parents’ go-to resource for resolving any conflicts between the parties.

For this reason, it would be helpful to review the parenting plan to determine whether it says anything about taking your child to school. Many parenting plans dictate how divorced parents must share time and who spends time with the kids on what days. Unfortunately, a parenting plan may not specifically outline who should take the children to school and what happens if either parent refuses or fails to do so.

In that case, it is advised to consult with an experienced child custody attorney in Orlando, Florida, to discover your options. Even if the parenting plan mentions anything about who should take the kids to school, it may not specify what happens when a parent refuses or fails to take children to school. Either way, it would be a good idea to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Speak with a Child Custody Attorney

If your current parenting plan does not say anything about taking the kids to school, a skilled lawyer will help you modify the plan to add specific provisions about this issue in order to hold your co-parent accountable for violating the terms of the parenting plan in the future.

If the other parent has repeatedly refused or failed to take your children to school, the court may deem your ex-spouse to be unfit to be a parent. Repeated and serious violations of a parenting plan can entail penalties, enforcement, contempt, and even stripping the violating parent of their custodial rights.

It is advised to document your co-parent’s refusal or failure to take your child to school in order to collect sufficient evidence. Your attorney would help you file the Petition for Contempt to ask the court to force the other parent to follow a parenting plan. Also, a knowledgeable attorney can advise you on your other legal options in this situation.

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