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What Should you tell Your Divorce Lawyer?


For a majority of people going through a divorce it is a sensitive time. You might feel defensive and want to protect yourself. People often keep various secrets, hide the complete truth or else sidestep certain topics to avoid disclosing particular details to friends and family.

It is extremely important to be completely open and honest with your divorce attorney. Your lawyer is always on your team. Your divorce attorney will support you and fight to obtain an unbiased child custody agreement, a fair alimony arrangement, an even handed division of all marital assets and liabilities and the best possible overall outcome.

However, your lawyer will only be able to assist you when he or she is aware of all the crucial details regarding your marriage and living situation. You should tell your divorce attorney the below information, because he or she undeniably has to know. 

You Actually Want to Stay Married 

Many would be surprised at the amount of people that hire a divorce lawyer, but do not in fact want a divorce. Some people are secretly yearning to reconcile with their husband or wife. These people only hire an attorney to demonstrate to their spouses that they want to make major changes in their marriage.

When clients are wishing to reconcile, they will be in secret opposition to their attorney. Your lawyer may still be able to assist you with the reconciliation of your marriage; however, your attorney can only help if you are on the same wavelength. 

You Have a Prenuptial Agreement

Your attorney needs to know about any prenuptial agreements that you agreed to prior to getting married. This can include both signed and verbal agreements. Additionally, you should also inform your lawyer about any postnuptial agreements. Both prenups and postnuptial agreements can greatly affect the results of your divorce.

You did Something Bad That Your Spouse Could Mention

Do not let humiliation or guilt stop you from providing embarrassing information about yourself to your attorney. Most likely your divorce lawyer has heard much worse before. You attorney is not going to judge you and has to be aware in case your spouse decides to mention it in court. Lawyers have a strict code of ethics which forbids them from exposing any of the details you provide them.

Your Assets are Hidden 

Hiding assets is a divorce is a horrible idea. For one, it is breaking the law. It is probable that the opposing side will discover them during the discovery process. If you fail to disclose some assets to your spouse, make sure that your attorney is aware. Illegally hiding assets or banking offshore will not get you what you want. By telling your attorney ahead of time, he or she can help you work through the issue.  

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