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Betrayal And Emotional Infidelity


Infidelity and other forms of betrayal have destroyed many marriages. A betrayal is when a person’s confidence or trust is broken or violated, and this can occur when a person is physically or emotionally unfaithful. In some unions, counseling allows the couple to repair trust in their relationship, but others are unable to forgive or the situation has brought others issues to light and both spouses agree it is time to part ways.

Making the decision to end a marriage is not easy, and when separating or divorcing, there are many factors to consider. An Orlando divorce lawyer can share with you what to expect throughout the process, and will ask you about your top post-divorce objectives, including custodial concerns for minor children and how financial assets and debts will be distributed.

Trust Problems and Other Issues Within a Marriage

After learning of a physical affair or emotional infidelity, you may be unsure of what to do next. You do not need to rush into making a decision, determining if your marriage can survive the betrayal or not may take some time. Many find going through marital counseling while they contemplate how to move forward helpful.

When someone close to you betrays you, it breaks your trust in that person. You may find it difficult to trust your spouse now that you are aware of their betrayal, as trust is the cornerstone of thriving relationships. Talking through issues with close friends or a therapist could help you work through emotions and process feelings of anger and resentment.

Often other marital issues come to light when one or both spouses admit to affairs and emotional relationships outside of the marriage. In these situations, there may be deep-rooted issues that are not possible for one or both parties to overcome.

There are ups and downs to every union. Sadness and frustration are normal when marital problems are part of daily life. If you are not able to communicate effectively with your spouse and marriage counseling isn’t providing you with relief, it may be time to separate permanently and pursue a divorce. And of course, if your marriage is unsafe or unhealthy, you deserve to make moves to set up a life for yourself that is safe and secure.

Talk to a Florida Family Lawyer Early In the Process

Because people often need time before deciding to divorce or not, they often put off talking to an Orlando divorce lawyer. But talking to a lawyer will give you knowledge, and it doesn’t mean your marriage is over. A meeting can be simply informative, so you will know how a divorce could impact you should you make that decision at a later date.

Are you considering a Florida divorce because your spouse was emotionally unfaithful? You need the seasoned family law attorneys at Donna Hung Law Group, lawyers with the knowledge and resources required to secure your future. Lean on the skills of a veteran attorney so you can care for yourself and heal. To get started, call 407-999-0099 or contact us online to schedule an initial evaluation.