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Monthly Archives: February 2022


How Does Voluntary Dispute Resolution Affect Orlando Families?

By Donna Hung Law Group |

A wife and husband of eleven years decide that things just aren’t working out anymore. While they don’t hold any animosity towards each other, they do have reservations about dividing marital property equitably. They want to be divorced but do not necessarily want to proceed with a drawn-out legal battle in court. At the… Read More »


What Can An Orlando Parent Do If They Suspect Child Abuse Post-Divorce?

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Too often we hear of stories in the news where a parent, family member, or stepparent is accused of abuse against a vulnerable minor. While it’s not a comfortable subject to discuss, it is the reality for many families. Post COVID-19 domestic violence incident reports have skyrocketed enough to qualify it as a second… Read More »


Gray Divorce In Orlando

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Divorce rates among middle aged couples and retirees in Florida continue to skyrocket. Over the past two decades, divorce rates have leveled off, but among the elderly age bracket have actually increased substantially. There are several theories for why this is currently occurring. First, divorce is no longer something to be ashamed of and… Read More »


Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements For Orlando LGBTQIA+ Couples

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Contrary to popular belief, a prenuptial agreement is not a kiss of death, nor is it a guarantee that a marriage will end in divorce. While it is true that half of marriages in the United States do end up in divorce, many couples without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement regret their decision not… Read More »