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Monthly Archives: November 2023


When to Hire a Family Attorney as a Mediator

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Family disputes can be time consuming and emotionally draining. While some disputes can be handled without legal support, others require mediation. With the help of a family attorney working as a mediator, it may be possible to reach mutually beneficial solutions without the need for a contentious courtroom battle. When considering hiring an attorney… Read More »


What Is Collaborative Divorce?

By Donna Hung Law Group |

While ending a marriage is rarely easy, there are paths that are not adversarial and contentious. For example, Florida couples do have the option of pursuing a collaborative divorce, which is a more amicable and cooperative way to end a marriage. Collaborative divorce offers a constructive alternative to the often acrimonious process of traditional… Read More »


Steps to Securing an Uncontested Divorce

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Securing an uncontested divorce is a collaborative process that allows couples to dissolve their marriage with minimal conflict and expense. Amicable separations are possible, not all divorces have to be contentious battles. In fact, many couples are able to achieve an agreement they are both comfortable with through an uncontested divorce process. If you’re… Read More »


Resolutions to Make During a Divorce to Smooth the Process

By Donna Hung Law Group |

Ending a marriage is a challenging transition, and many going through the process report experiencing emotional upheaval and significant lifestyle changes. While it is important to recognize these challenges, divorce can also be an opportunity for growth, healing, and creating a better future. When you hire a seasoned Orlando divorce lawyer, you are connecting… Read More »